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Serving patients with 25 years of Healthcare Experience

A registered nurse founded the Patient-Centered Care Staffing Agency with 23 years of healthcare experience, seeing a need for improved healthcare staffing and services. Having experience with patient care from all levels, including nursing assistants, licensed practical nurses, registered nurses, and a facility standpoint, Shakirah Wilson, Founder BSN RN CCM, saw the need to improve the services patients and residents receive despite staffing deficiencies. It was working with various staffing companies that did not discourage the attitude of a temporary replacement nor encourage the mindset of a team approach. 

Shakirah felt inspired to change healthcare staffing attitudes by becoming a part of the facilities team to live their mission and vision that ensures quality care. The Coronavirus 2020 pandemic further motivated Shakirah to take an active role within the Ohio region and surrounding areas to provide patient-centered care that promotes health and wellness and live the message “We’re in this together.”

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Attentive, Professional & Caring Nurses

Who We Are

Our company strives to become a part of the team at healthcare facilities to fill the gaps that affect patient-centered care delivery. Our vision is to ensure all residents and patients receive their due care despite life circumstances. Our values include accountability, aiming to serve and positively affect our communities in need, performing with a team approach, and providing patient-centered care.

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Attentive, Professional & Caring Nurses

Nurse Assists Patient In Hospital

Assisted Living Facilities

Comfort is Here

Skilled Nursing Facilities

Quality Care 

Homecare and Other Services

Routine Service with Care

Long-term Care Facilities

Supportive For You

Nonemergency Medical Transportation

A Happier Healthier You

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Attentive, Professional & Caring Nurses

PCCSA takes your role in healthcare personally! Become a part of a growing team that is dedicated to providing job satisfaction and growth opportunities. We offer:

  • Competitive Pay Rates
  •  Holiday Pay and Shift Differentials
  • Attendance, Quarterly, and Annual Bonuses
  • Paid Licensure and CPR Recertification
  • Opportunity to Grow and Advance


Want to provide patients and residents with quality and cost-effective healthcare? 

Allow Patient-Centered Care Staffing Agency to provide you with a complementary team of educated, dedicated, compassionate, and dependable staff!

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